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Your Small Business Needs an Attorney (and It’s Not that Expensive)

There are a lot of different things that a small business needs like insurance and an accountant, but what about a lawyer? You might not think that you need a business attorney cincinnati oh, but chances are that you will need one someday. Even if you won’t need to seek their advice and services every single day, maintaining a contract with a good business attorney could save you a lot of stress in the long run. In some cases, it might even save your business. Here are just a few of the reasons why your small business might need the help of an attorney.

You’re Having Issues with Employees

Employee-related issues are something that almost every business owner will come across someday. They can turn into huge problems depending on the situation and you need to make sure that you are able to protect yourself and your business. There are many different laws that affect the hiring process to protect against discrimination and they must be followed closely in order to avoid legal problems in the future. While you may not have hired or fired an employee based on their protected status, in court it can become your word against theirs and sometimes allegations can be difficult to disprove. Some of the things that are brought to court for discrimination include age and gender discrimination. Losing one of these cases can have devastating consequences on your business legally and on your reputation.

In addition, things like negotiating with contractors could require the use of a business attorney to make sure that all obligations are mentions and upheld. By having the help of an attorney when creating a contract, you can make sure that is completely legal and able to be upheld in a court of law in case something goes wrong. Even if you do not ask them to help you write it, they can always review what you have written to make sure it’s in your best interest.

A Government Agency Is Looking at Your Business

Nobody wants the government to interfere with their lives and this especially includes your business. The moment that you find out your business is being investigated for any reason you should probably consider consulting a lawyer in order to protect your interests. There are many reasons why your business could catch the attention of a government agency and sometimes these reasons can get quite complicated or confusing. If an employee makes a claim against you through the labor department, a lot of disruption can be caused even if you didn’t actually do anything wrong.

Environmental issues can also arise that can attract the government’s attention. Sometimes the environmental problems being addressed may not have even been caused by you or your business, but you still may be liable for them. An example would be if you find out that hazardous material had been disposed of improperly on your property. Either way, it needs to be removed an attorney can help you make the former owner pay for it.