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Things to Do in ‘The Queen City’

Things to Do in ‘The Queen City’

Today, many people are thinking carefully before they spend their money. The number of people who travel internationally for vacation has dropped quite a bit in the past few years. If you or others you know are considering taking a family vacation close to home then you should consider taking a long weekend trip somewhere that is not far from where you live. This saves money and time if you just go for the weekend. A debt relief agent says that smaller cities are a great vacation choice for those who are watching their money this year. A prominent criminal defense lawyer also commented that crime usually goes down when there are more tourists in a city because local people are busier with work when there is an influx of out-of-town guests. This city from which the agent and the attorney spoke is actually a great place to visit for those on a budget. Below is a list of activities families and couples can do and see while touring this city:

1. Families and couples alike are sure to have fun at Kings Island, an amusement park, located about 20 to 30 minutes from downtown. Recently, a new hotel was built right across from the park, making things very easy for those with young children. Couples would probably be better off staying at a different hotel a little further away from the park. Discounted tickets can be purchased at many grocery stores.

2. Going to see the Reds baseball team in the spring or the Bengals football team in the fall is also fun for both couples and families. The Reds and the Bengals have activities for kids during the game, like pictures with the mascots who walk around the stadiums and free gifts may also come your way.

3. Mount Adams is a great place to visit for adults, especially at night in the summer. This hidden town is a favorite among locals who enjoy the cool bars and many unique restaurants. It is located at the top of a hill, only about 10 minutes from downtown and it offers amazing views of the city from many different angles.

4. Finally, if you are staying for a longer period of time, Kentucky is also a nice day trip from Ohio. Lexington is only about an hour and a half away from your location in Southwest Ohio. The Kentucky Horse Park is famous for housing former Kentucky Derby horses and the horse that starred in the film, “Sea Biscuit.” Also, there is the famous University of Kentucky basketball team museum near Rupp Arena. Again, this is a nice day trip for those who are staying longer than a weekend in Ohio.

There are lots of things to do and see on a vacation if you are on a strict a budget this year. When planning a trip, look into smaller, less expensive cities and go from there. Determining how far away from home you can or want to go will definitely narrow your search. The economy being the way it is may be a blessing in disguised because many smaller cities are flourishing with the increase in tourism many of them have seen this year alone.