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Proving a Workers Comp Case

Nobody should have to worry about getting hurt on the job; however, injuries can still happen. This can cause people to miss an extended amount of time from work, causing them to wonder how they are going to make ends meet. This is where workers compensation lawyers Oregon can be helpful. At the same time, when someone files a workers’ compensation case, there are a few elements that have to happen in order for the case to be proven.

Acting Within the Scope of Employment

The first part of any workers’ compensation case is that the employee has to show that he or she was working within the scope of his or her duties. This is where it is important to review the contract that was signed on the first day of employment. If someone gets hurt while acting within the scope of his or her contract, then the workers’ compensation can move forward.

The Employer Had a Duty

Once the first element is proven, the workers‘ compensation case has to prove that the employer had a duty to do more to protect his or her employee. Just because an employee got hurt while doing his or her job doesn’t mean that a workers’ compensation case is going to be successful. The workers’ compensation case also has to prove that a reasonable employer would have done more to safeguard the safety of its employees.

Financial Compensation Could Be Available

No one should ever have to worry about their safety when they go to work; however, serious injuries can still happen while on the job. Some of the most common injuries include being struck by a falling object and slip and fall accidents. This is where a workers’ compensation claim can be helpful. It is critical to work with a trained legal professional.