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How To Select an Immigration Lawyer for Employment Visas

Going through an employment visa application can be a long and confusing process wrought with anxiety, especially if you try to navigate it yourself. To alleviate some of the worry and have a better chance at a successful outcome it is best to hire an immigration lawyer. If you’ve never worked with an immigration lawyer before, it can be hard to know what to look for. Below are some tips for selecting an immigration lawyer for your employment visa.

Read the Law Firm’s Website

It’s important to read the law firm’s website before contacting them for a consultation. Many lawyers charge a fee for a consultation, so if you read their website and they don’t offer the services you need, the website is outdated or they don’t mention their personal approach it may be best to move to the next option.

Ask Questions During Your Consultation

A consultation is not only a time for them to learn about the specifics of your employment visa case, it is also a time for you to determine if their work style and policies align with what you’re looking for. If you’re meeting with a lawyer who practices corporate immigration law Houston TX, go in with interview questions about their communication style, charges and fees and experience. For example, do they charge a fee if you call to ask about the status of your case? Do they charge a flat-rate fee or hourly fee? What is their communication style and how quickly will they get back to you?

Ensure Proper Licensure

Pay attention to the website and licenses hung on the walls of their office. They should have a listed graduate degree from an accredited law school and passed a bar exam. Additionally, see if they’re involved in professional organizations relating to immigration law.

By doing research before you select your lawyer, you can ensure you’re selecting someone who’s right for you. Good luck in your immigration process!