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Court Mandated Courses That Beat Jail Time

When you commit a crime, you must do the time. Sometimes that time can consist of spending months or years in prison isolated from your loved ones and typical daily activities. Other times, you may be able to return home but be required to complete community service or a court mandated course. You might be required to attend classes in person, or you may be able to take the following courses online.

Substance Related Courses

Substance abuse can result in committing serious crimes. Often if you commit one of these crimes, you will be required to take a court mandated course because these are crimes that can be prevented with the proper training. You will be required to enroll in a DWI education program online if you are caught driving intoxicated, and it will instruct you in assessing your blood alcohol content and the consequences of drunk driving. There are also drug awareness, public intoxication and substance abuse courses.

Behavior Related Courses

Emotions can also play a large role in criminal acts. If you are unable to contain and control your emotions, it can manifest into violence. If you an act of violence out of aggression, you may be ordered to take an anger management course. Anger management will teach you relaxation tactics and effective methods of deescalating heated situations. Other emotion related courses include decision making, criminal behavior modification and impulse control.

Juvenile Correction Courses

In order to avoid time in a juvenile detention center, courts will often require minors to take educational courses. These courses are an effective way to alter the bad choices a child is making before the consequences become more serious. These courses include curfew violation, teen parenting and anger bullying. Additionally, many of the adult courses listed in previous sections are also available for teenagers.

If you are lucky enough to evade jail time after committing a crime, be sure to enroll in these courses in a timely manner.