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Advantages to Working with the DWI Attorney

The punishment for DWI can be so severe in many cases it will literally wreck you financially for years to come. Not only are you going to be saddled with countless fines for driving under the influence, you will have to figure out how you will even earn a living when you no longer have the ability to drive your vehicle. Your DWI lawyer is in the court weekly, fighting to help those who made this costly mistake get a more favorable outcome. Even if it looks like there is no chance of a judge changing their mind, your attorney has the skills and experience to poke holes in the prosecution case and get you a better result. Here is why you need to be working with a dwi lawyer anoka mn.

How to Get the Officer on Your Side

The arresting officer in your DWI case had to do things to the letter. At trial, they do not have to say anything, so they usually don’t. Your DWI attorney understands that they can get the officer on the stand at the less formal license hearing by way of subpoena, and then ask anything they like. Although the officer will answer, and these answers have no consequences on the hearing, your DWI attorney will use those words to try and find inconsistencies in the arrest that can be used to begin the process of poking a few holes into the case of the prosecution.

Bargaining to Reduce the DWI Charges

Even though your DWI attorney is working hard to get the charges lessened or the entire case dismissed, they also understand things don’t always go as planned, so they have a backup. In the event that things are not going in your favor, your DWI lawyer is going to discuss a plea bargain with the prosecution in the hopes of getting to some middle ground that satisfies the court and allows you to either keep your license or avoid paying years of fines for this mistake.

Spotting Inconsistencies in Your DWI Case

Even though the police officer who found you drinking and driving has evidence to prove their case, your DWI attorney only needs to show inconsistencies in the evidence to get a favorable ruling. Despite the number on the breathalyzer, your DWI attorney is digging deeper to see if your rights were upheld, discover why the officer stopped your vehicle, and why they chose certain field tests instead of others. It only takes a few tiny holes in the prosecution case for a judge to consider lessening the charges or perhaps tossing the case altogether.

Your DWI attorney is going to be looking for inconsistencies in your arrest. They will do this so that when the trial date approaches, there may be an opportunity to plea bargain the case down to a reckless and allow you to keep your license. Each case is different, but you stand a better chance with legal representation than you do fighting this alone.