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Your Son Did What?

It all played out in slow motion. You were just getting home from a party with your wife when you saw the police in your front yard with your son in handcuffs. Through a fog of disbelief, you could hear one of the officers saying something about theft and burglary and robbery. You sat down hard on the seat you had just abandoned, just as the officer asked you to leave the scene and go inside. You son would never be caught up in anything like that, you were sure of it. Here are some things you should know about what will happen next.


Once your son has officially been arrested, he will be fingerprinted. Photographs and a body search may also be done. His personal possessions will be taken, and because he is over the age of 18, he will wait in an area with others for his case to be called.


Next comes the meeting with the judge called an arraignment. Your son will be told why he was arrested, what he is charged with, and given a bail amount. As soon as you find out his charges, you can contact Lehigh County bail bonds, pay the required amount, and secure your son’s release.


There is often a lot of paperwork to be completed after bail is secured, so be patient and understand your son won’t be released minutes after bail is paid. It may take hours, and if you pay the bail at night, the release may not come until the next morning. Make sure your son understands that his release is temporary and hinges on staying out of trouble.

Understanding the system may take some of the mystery out of the process, but it won’t help you with the frustration of losing the money you used for bail if your son doesn’t attend all the scheduled court appointments. For the health of your bank account, make sure he makes every meeting on time.