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Your Rights When Detailed by Police

Your Rights When Detailed by Police. Getting stopped by the police isn’t on anybody’s bucket list, and in light of the recent tensions across the country, it can be a stressful and fearful experience. Though the burden of de-escalation falls with the police, you should never assume that your rights and safety will be protected. However, you are entitled to certain rights, as a citizen of the United States, and you are free to assert them whenever you are stopped or detained by the police.

Know Your Rights

  1. You have the right to remain silent. This may be an obvious right given what the general public knows about the Miranda Warning. So, as that right, you aren’t obligated to answer questions the police may ask over where you are going or where you have come from. If you want to remain silent, you must indicate your desire to exercise your right out loud. Your state laws may require that you at least acknowledge your name, so do comply as legally required.
  2. You do not have to agree to be searched. If a police officer requests to search your vehicle, your belongings, or yourself, you do not have to consent. Simply asserting this right doesn’t mean the officer will not carry on and make a search, but stating your objections clearly can help you if you end up in legal proceedings.
  3. You have the right to representation. If you do get arrested by the police, you will have access to a court-appointed lawyer even if you can’t afford one. A lawyer is necessary to help navigate the court system, but they can also help you get in touch with a Washington County bail bonds company to get you released from jail until your trial.

Reduce Your Risk

Always stay calm and remaining still while the police asking speaking to you. Never run, make threats, or make sudden moves. Always keep your hand where the police can see you. These habits can keep tensions down.