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A Trademark Attorney Is Critical for The Successful Registration of a Trademark

There are numerous reasons to hire a trademark attorney. The attorney ensures costly mistakes are avoided, provides advice regarding the risks, selects the correct trademark for the services or products, and evaluates and reviews the appropriates searches. The attorney additionally has a much higher success rate in the filing of the application. An experienced trademark attorney can help ensure success.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article regarding trademark applications. When an attorney is involved the chances of making it through the registration process increased by fifty percent. The study revealed individual applications reached registration an average of 43 percent compared to the 60 percent success rate of attorneys. When the Trademark Office rejected an application, an attorney was successful in the registration of 68 percent of these applications. For additional details please visit this site.

The services of an experienced trademark attorney Minneapolis MN are critical when a new service or product is launched, or a new business is established. Retaining a trademark attorney is recommended prior to committing any resources for a specific trademark. If the trademark has already been used for a service or product it is advisable to have a search conducted to uncover any possible conflicts with the potential owner of the trademark. The attorney can ensure an educated decision is reached regarding continuing to use the trademark.

An experienced trademark lawyer also understands the formalities involved with the application process. If the trademark has been used for a substantial period of time the attorney can advise if applying for federal registration is an option. The attorney can then draft the application to help get eliminate any issues with the government trademark examining attorney. For additional details please visit here.

Many individuals believe it costs too much money to hire a trademark attorney. The truth is it costs a lot less than litigating a trademark dispute or having to stop using a trademark already branded to the business. This represents a complete loss for all previous marketing and advertising campaigns. A trademark attorney can minimize the risks involved. The process can be complicated when a website is being used to achieve nationwide exposure. Protection is necessary with a federal trademark registration to protect the domain name and the trademark rights.

A trademark attorney is also capable of enforcing a trademark. They can ascertain if action is necessary to stop any potential infringement. These services become critical if a cease and desist letter is received demanding the business discontinues using the trademark. The legal opinion of a trademark attorney determines the legalities of obtaining a trademark for use, adoption and registration. Anyone can charge for filling out forms, but a trademark attorney has the experience and expertise required to be successful.

A trademark attorney does so much more than simply take information and draft an application for filing. They provide critical advice for each specific situation, ensure the individual understands the process through a consultation, answer any questions and make recommendations that can lead to a successful registration.