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Seeking More Child Support

If you have children, then you know that it’s not cheap to provide the clothing, food, and other necessities that they need. Include the extra activities that they do in school, birthdays, and holidays, and you can spend several hundred dollars on your children by the time they get out of high school. If you are no longer with the other parent of your children, then consider talking to child support lawyers Pinellas County offers. You can often get at least the minimum amount designated by the state even from a parent who does not have a job. However, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind that can assist you in getting more money to support your children each month.

Most courts realize that changes can arise and that more money is needed to support children, especially when children get older because there are more school functions and activities as well as more food consumed. Keep all receipts of things that are purchased for your children to show the court to try to receive an increase. If there is any kind of life-changing event, such as losing your job or losing your home, then this information needs to be reported to the caseworker so that a modification can be ordered. You might not receive much more money, but you can usually receive a bit more so that you have more assistance in providing for your children. You need to make reports at any time there is a change in the health of your child or if there has been any significant change in the child’s needs, such as attending any kind of therapy session or requiring supplies for college. Keep in mind that child support usually ends when the child is 18 or graduates high school, so any college fees need to be submitted well in advance of this time.