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Learning the Terms and Conditions for Early Release

Most city and county jails will not allow people to be released from jail without some type of bail or bond. You find out what your bail or bond amount is during an arraignment hearing. After that hearing, you are given the opportunity to pay the amount out of your own checking or savings account or borrow it from someone if you lack the amount.

When your own bank accounts are short the required amount stipulated in the arraignment hearing, you may want to use the services of a business that specializes in posting bail or bond for people in jail. By working with a short term banker, payday loan business, or bondsman arapahoe county colorado defendants like you can post the amount and go home before your next court date.

The Basics before Signing the Contract

Before you sign the contract with the bail bondsman, you are encouraged to understand to what you are agreeing. The financial arrangement is much like borrowing money from a bank or credit union. You will be expected to repay what you owe in monthly increments or risk facing some sort of collection action taken against you.

In this instance, the action will be your rearrest and jailing. The bondsman will ask the judge to issue an arrest warrant for you. Once you are apprehended, you will be taken back to jail where you will remain until your court date. You also will have a new charge of jumping bail added to your existing charges, and you also will be required to pay back the full amount of the bail.

With this information in mind, you want to make sure that you can afford to make payments on time and that you will not default on the arrangement. If you believe you could face financial hardships before the bond amount is paid in full, it could be better for you to wait in jail until your court appearance. You avoid taking on a debt that you might not be able to repay and could land you back in jail for longer.