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We represent people and community groups in public interest litigation to protect the atmosphere. Acknowledgments: Thanks to Allen & Overy, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, the International Bar Association, the Law Society of England & Wales, the Law Society of Ireland, the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation, and the University of Oxford for their help of the Commonwealth Human Rights Case Law Database.

This impacts the documentation of court processes, access to relevant files by each judges and litigants and the absence of an world wide web database of decided authorities in Nigeria is the significant lead to of conflicting decisions by different courts, as it is tough for a judge to have unimpeded access to other decided authorities on related circumstances.

The manual documentation of files and recording of situations in long hand by the judges in court adversely affects the dispensation of justice and contributes to the delay in most trials in this 21st Century where the globe has gone digital and info technology is the driving force of most developments in the political and legal fields, the Nigerian judiciary cannot afford to be left behind in the analog planet exactly where files and judicial activities are manually carried out.

No matter whether the policies at stake in these two circumstances quantity to direct or indirect discrimination, at the justification stage, the employers could try to rely on report four(1) of the employment equality Directive to argue that not wearing the headscarf at operate is an occupational requirement, in other words, that it is genuinely necessary ‘by explanation of the nature’ of the job ‘or the context in which it is carried out’, and that requiring this is genuine and proportionate.

The Court of Appeal also refused the WSJE’s appeals to the effect that (i) there should be no presumption of harm in the case of overseas trading corporations that do not trade in this jurisdiction (ii) that the common law presumption of falsity infringes Post 6 and Post 10 and (iii) that the jury should have been essential to deliver a verdict recording its decision as to the actual which means of the post complained of.