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The billable hour has been trashed repeatedly over how it motivates bad habits in law companies. The reasoning goes that rewarding hours billed motivates lawyers (associates and partners) to spend more time on tasks than needed, leading to inefficiencies. My private opinion is that rewarding laborious work shouldn’t be the issue, however instead poor management over the efforts of workers is the real problem.

The SC has also sustained appeals filed beyond the reglementary interval shown to be meritorious and the failure to file on time was with a purpose that will compel the courtroom to acknowledge that purpose. The foundations usually are not intended to be applied with pedantic rigor. The foundations and technicalities have to give approach to the interest of considerable justice. So when there is a conflict between the interest of justice and technicalities, the latter have to present means so as to give option to justice.

How about employment data. You announce that 90% of your students get jobs however not that you simply hire a couple dozen and when the rating agencies refused to count them as employed you dropped them. That is very clearly Trumpian. It is a model of cooking the books. Truly possibly Trump did not cook the books and so this is extra Trumpian than the Donald himself.

From its unique sources, karma is one thing that might not play out till your subsequent life. Hindus imagine in a caste system—that you simply’re born into your station of life and there is no upward or downward mobility during life. It’s your karma that determines whether or not you move up or down in your next life, depending upon your habits in your past life.

The US has the best gun possession price in the world- there are 89 weapons for every 100 People, in comparison with 6 in England and Wales… And the homicide figures themselves are astounding for Brits, used to round 550 murders per yr. In 2011 – the latest yr for which detailed statistics can be found – there have been 12,664 murders within the US. Of these, eight,583 had been caused by firearms.