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Importance Of Divorce Mediation Process

There are several paths to divorce. Each has pros and cons, and learning the options helps make informed decisions. Many clients find the mediation process significant due to the key reasons highlighted below.

It Is Cost-Effective

Due to the high costs of pursuing a lawsuit, a mediator comes in handy to aid in such a crisis. Mandatory conflict resolution training for most mediators facilitates their efficient problem-solving approach. Not all mediators are, however, affordable. This depends on their experience as well as the extent of training. When considering such a case, hiring a retired judge attracts a higher hourly rate than a volunteer attorney in a court conference program.

Giving You Complete Control

The decision-making process in the mediation process bases the argument on self-determination. One gains the authority to make sound decisions and not have to wait for the decisions of an attorney or a judge. The role of a divorce mediator in such a case is to provide a guide to legal, financial, and parental options for the ex-spouses. Informed decisions best for the warring spouses and their families are made as a result of this.

Customizes Solutions

The divorce mediation approach is a better alternative to a litigated divorce. One of the major differences between the two is that assets are split between the spouses for a litigated divorce.

On the other hand, divorce mediation encourages and motivates the ex-spouses to establish a fair settlement. This goes a long way in ensuring their interests and families are considered. For instance, trade between retirement and house equity ensures one spouse retains the house, and this helps maximize the time the children have with each parent. This serves to reduce the costs and time which may be incurred if the children spend most of the time on paid childcare.

Sets A Foundation For Positive Parenting

During the establishment of a new post-separation relationship, conflict and mistrust are avoided. The mediation approach facilitates this by eliminating the demands inherent to a litigated divorce.

Parents are given a guide and support during the divorce mediation process to make agreements acceptable to both parties. This comes in handy, especially if there are difficult topics. The mode of collaborative solving of such problems equips the parents with positive experience and skills to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship. This makes it easier for the ex-spouses to handle future challenges.

Preserves Community Relationships

Collaborative mediation in a divorce settlement is a positive sign of spouses’ integrity in working together. In most such settlements, the relationship between the ex-spouses with their in-laws and extended friendships and the community is not compromised. On the contrary, if such a divorce is finalized via a lawyer, people tend to choose the spouse to blame and the one to support.

Ensures Privacy

The San Diego divorce mediation process is often confidential, and the mediator will not testify for you or your spouse. This facilitates smooth communication as there is no fear of anything being used against you. Privacy gives people hope that the divorce proceedings will not be easily leaked.

Develops An Agreement That Works For Both Parties

Through the divorce mediation process, one gets empowerment to make decisions that are in the best interest of children and finances to ensure no future problems.

Helping Save Time

A divorce settlement made via a mediation process is quick. The mediation process aims at helping the warring parties reach a consensus rather than a contest through an attorney.

The divorce mediation process helps the ex-spouses make decisions that are informed. Proper usage of this process is helpful for both parties. Consider the proper channels for a rightful divorce process.