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How to Help if a Friend Gets Arrested on a Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas is supposed to be a fun destination for those who visit it each year. However, some people find that they get themselves into a little trouble when drinking or otherwise having a good time in Sin City. If a friend of yours has gotten arrested while on a Vegas vacation, you could be hoping to help. Whether you’re visiting Sin City with your friend or if you’re back home, you may be able to help by following these steps.

Find Out What the Charges Are

Before you can contact someone who specializes in offering Clark County bail bonds, you will need to know your friend’s personal information and the charges that he or she has been arrested for. If you contact the jail, you should be able to find this information out.

Look for a Bail Bondsman

If you’re in Las Vegas with your friend when he or she gets arrested, getting him or her out of jail shouldn’t be to hard. However, you may need the help of a bail bondsman, particularly if your loved one’s bond is high or if you are on a budget. If you aren’t in Las Vegas with your friend, you will need to look for a bail bondsman who might work with you over the phone. Call around and talk to a few different bail bondsmen to find out what your options are.

Contact Friends and Family

Your loved one’s friends and family members might be concerned about him or her or might not know about what is going on. Reaching out to a few close loved ones to let them know about your friend’s situation can help you make sure that everyone is well-informed.

Even though getting arrested might ruin your friend’s vacation, there are still things that you can do to help. If you follow the steps above and talk with a good bail bondsman, you should be able to assist your loved one in getting out of jail and getting back home.