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How To Handle A Legal Complaint

A person who considers himself a victim of an offense may file a complaint. An offense can be a ticket, a crime or a misdemeanor. Now, to whom would this person make the complaint?

To whom to complain?

The complaint can be filed directly with the police station. It may also be drafted to be filed and sent to the public prosecutor in the context of a letter. Finally, in the absence of a reply from the public prosecutor within two months, it may be brought before the senior investigating judge in the context of a civil party.

What does the lawyer do? What does the law firm offer?

The firm will help you draft your complaint with the appropriate legal qualifications, put the relevant articles of law on the complaint, help you assess the claim for damages and bring the supporting documents allowing you to see your case investigated by an investigating judge or as part of a preliminary investigation by the prosecutor’s office.

The Response

In the absence of a response from the prosecutor’s office,┬áthe criminal defense attorney in your case will initiate the criminal proceedings in the context of a direct summons that will be issued directly to the perpetrator before the criminal court or in the context of a complaint with the constitution of a civil party to the investigating judges.

Legal Assistance

The assistance of the criminal defense attorney Daytona Beachlocated is mandatory in this type of appearance. It is an alternative to the criminal trial decided by the public prosecutor after an arrest, detention or an investigation. The person is given a summons before the prosecutor’s delegate. The prosecutor’s delegate makes┬áhim a proposal for a sentence. In return, the person waives his or her defenses on substance and form. He or she acknowledges the facts.