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How To Get Release From Jail After A Probation Violation

Some people catch a bad break in life and end up breaking the law. It is common to take a plea deal and get probation for your first conviction. However, you have to walk a straight and narrow line to stay out of trouble. If you violate your probation, then you are going back to jail. Read on to find out how to get release from jail after a probation violation.

Wait For A Revocation Hearing

People who are arrested while on probation are held in jail. You have to wait for a probation revocation hearing. This hearing is when the district attorney files a motion to revoke your probation. The motion is carried out when someone violates the conditions of their probation. At this hearing, you can see a judge and argue for bail.

Contest The Alleged Violations

It is difficult to get bail when arrested while on probation. You have to make a case for why you should get out before your sentencing. Many judges will make you sit in jail. You must explain the reason for the arrest. Unfortunately, everyone does not always understand the terms of their probation. For example, you can violate for not notifying your parole officer about your change in address. It always help to ask questions when you are not sure about something.

Contact A Bail Bonds Company

If the judge gives you bail, then you will need to contact a Summit County bail bonds company. A bails bondsman puts up the money to guarantee your appearance in court. This bail money is held until your trial ends. It is given back to the person who put up the money for your bail.

A conviction is something that should never be minimized. It can turn your entire life upside down. If you are on probation, then you should talk to your probation officer about any concerns.