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Hiring a Bilingual Attorney for Legal Representation

Language is well known a cultural thing, but not something people immediately associate with the legal profession. However, both can intersect when practicing law requires representing someone whose primary language is different than the laws that determine their case. Hiring a firm like the Law Offices of Patrick G. Cadiz gives the client and attorney and advantage over those that do not speak a foreign language.

It could be for an immigrant community or someone from a foreign culture. Either way, a bilingual law firm is a niche for demographical purposes.

The Immigration Niche

Although America is a land filled with immigrants, it is not unusual for people to have immigration issues. The problem can become greater if they do not have legal representation.

Many face barriers including being deported if no one takes the time to understand their side of the story. Not being able to find an attorney who speak their language further exacerbates their problems.

Bilingual Corporate Counsel for Different Industries

Individual clients are not the only ones who can benefit from attorneys proficient with foreign language skills. Some industries are also looking for bilingual corporate counsel.

One example of this is the technology industry, especially for corporations that do business in or are based on a continent like Asia. Patent infringement and other legal issues are important to understand. Attorneys will spend a great deal of time investigating documents often written in the country’s native language.

Speaking a Foreign Language for Cultural Enlightenment

Translating words is only one aspect of understanding foreign languages. Culture also plays a significant role in the language people speak. Trust in law enforcement is different for some people in Latin American countries than it is for some people in the U.S. Seeing consistent corruption in the native land makes them uncomfortable about reporting crimes here.

The legal profession is far from being immune to Globalization and immigration shifts. Lines drawing borders have become blurred by war and economic opportunities, among other things. Law firms can serve their clients and their business well by being prepared with knowing one or two foreign languages.