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Harvard Law School LL.M. Essay Concerns For Fall 2013

I am late with this post since I had to grade exams in time for my graduating students to, well, graduate. Finally, my correspondent’s impression that someplace in the neighborhood of 35% to 40% of the 3L class at Columbia is in a negative spot in re employment shouldn’t be overlooked in all this, particularly by individuals with full scholarships at reduce ranked schools who even at this moment are dreaming of dumping $160K on spending their final two years of law school in Morningside Heights.

This choice is obviously what most 1L’s choose to do, no matter whether they are a full-ride student with no stipulations at Harvard (if such a sweet deal exists) to a bottom quarter student who is debt-financing their whole law school education at an expensive unranked law school (there are so numerous of these that it is unnecessary to point any fingers).

Attorneys General Alberto Gonzales and Janet Reno, among other people, and noted federal judges Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Michael Boudin of the Initial Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Joseph A. Greenaway of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Laurence Silberman of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and Pierre Leval of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, amongst a lot of other judicial figures, graduated from the college.

Thanks in portion to engagement by Kagan (and other administrators), Harvard has become so committed to radical transsexual activism that its health insurance coverage policy now 2010 partially covers sex-change” breast treatments” for transsexuals (either guys taking hormones to create breasts, or women getting their healthful breasts removed to grow to be the men” they believe they are).

But some students stated the administration had not done enough to make the school fully inclusive of minority students and faculty members and voiced an array of issues that ranged from the reasonably low quantity of black professors — there are 12 black permanent full-time faculty members out of 125 — to the way the school taught law.