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Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney in Everett WA?

The services of the local car accident attorney in Everett WA are more valuable than you could ever know. Never agree to anything with the responsible party, especially if they promise to take care of you if this issue is not reported to the insurance company. Your attorney can consult with you at the beginning and show you why you must seek legal representation before it is too late. These are just a couple of the benefits associated with working with a skilled local car accident attorney Everett WA law firm.

Preserving All the Accident Evidence

While you are being transported to the hospital or being treated by your family physician, you might think that there is no way you could collect all the evidence needed to show the other driver was at fault. Even if you could, you wouldn’t know what to collect from the accident scene to help your case. Your local car accident attorney understands that time is ticking and will rush an accident investigative team to that location the minute you call, preserving every ounce of evidence.

The team is taking pictures, making a video, locating witnesses to preserve their testimony, and making sure to gather measurements from surrounding areas.

Getting a Professional Medical Opinion

The only way to get the maximum cash settlement is to convince a judge or jury that you are indeed suffering today and will be negatively impacted for years to come. To do this, you will need more than the testimony of a doctor at the hospital, you’ll need to hear from the best physicians in the Everett WA area. Your attorney has those connections with these doctors, and you will consult with them, be treated by them, and have physical therapy sessions until your injuries are mended.

These physicians can be highly regarded in a court of law, helping convince decision makers your injuries are more serious than they appear.

The Real Value of your Injuries

Your car accident attorney in Everett WA has to be able to collect the information from your physicians, analyze the accident evidence, look at how you are suffering, and come up with a settlement amount that will protect you from financial hardship decades in the future when this case has long been closed. They need to get this settlement number right because the last thing you want is to be saddled with medical bills in your later years when you aren’t working.

Once the settlement offer is presented to the insurance company for payment, the case will either settle out of court or your attorney is prepared to fight on your behalf at trial.

This is certainly one of those instances where you have everything to lose by not making the call to a local car accident attorney after you’ve been injured at the hands of another driver. Don’t allow your future to be negatively impacted by something that was not your fault, let your lawyer fight on your behalf to get you that compensation you deserve.