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Did You Know You Can Reduce Your Shipping Cost Significantly?

As the technology continues to advance in our millennial generation, the shipping and the entire packaging options continue to be rampant in the market. Every option comes along with various promises of how they will make your shipment fast and safe. Unfortunately, not all of them deliver their word. The more shipping options you know as a business owner the better for you and the more you will save some few dollars.
It is obvious that one size doesn’t fit all any longer when it comes to packaging needs, that’s why you should know about another outstanding shipment method known as tube shipping. These paper tubes are very ideal for various non-convectional shipping items. They are very versatile when it comes to accommodating items that vary in sizes which may not fit the normal traditional packaging.

Unlike boxes and envelopes, tubes are very appropriate for the large, small, long, and even short items. Besides their versatility, they can be customized to make the product stand out above its competitors. Tubes can come in varying colors and diverse messages that will make your business unparalleled. When it comes to buying holiday gifts, shipping tubes can increase the purchases by cutting down the shipping costs.

As a business owner, you can eliminate unnecessary costs that come along with shipping oversized boxes. Consequently, you will eliminate wastes yet make your business brand known through the messages you print on the tubes. These tubes are also great when it comes to protecting your documents and keeping them in perfect condition.

You can be sure that no one will ignore your mailing when sent through these tubes. They can be made from various materials like cardboard and embedded with other materials to make them stronger and more versatile. Their diameters and length can always be customized to fit the product size of a client. The most common sizes include 3” x 48”, 3” x 60”, 3” x 72”, and 3” x 90”. Their common walls range from 125 to 500 inches while their length ranges from 250 to 350”. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you will not get what you need; all manufacturing is based on your specifications. Whether you want it to be printed using your business logo or just plain, you can promote your brand without changing your specifications.

Often these items can be customized to suit your color and the needed size. They can be large-diametric cores, tape cores, kraft tubes, snap loc, heavy duty tubes, and telescopic tubes. Most companies that deal with shipping tubes carry out serious quality control measures, tolerance, moisture testing, and multiple width tests to ensure every tube has its correct thickness. The beauty of tubes is their top and bottom plies that keep your shipment safe while the inside plies are specifically made of a special component and also custom printed papers. The most common colors are brown, white, and black. Instead of using envelopes which are relatively expensive to ship your documents, you may want to consider using mailing tubes.