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Corporate Legal Day

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Members of the Institute are involved in a wide variety of projects, covering topics such as international industrial arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, secured transactions law, governance of non-profit organisations, income laundering, industrial fraud, competition law, international trade, customer law, harmonisation of law, and the development of industrial law.

From the 1940’s to the 1970’s union workers enjoyed a golden age of prosperity and political activism that brought about modifications in law to incorporate the Equal Pay Act which prevents discrimination based on gender, the Civil Rights Act which bans discrimination based on race and passing of the Occupational Safety and Wellness Act(OSHA).

Our tips contains professional assistance in tasks such as the formation of organizations the reform and update of bylaws and internal regulations capital increases and reductions evaluation of the legal issues relating to the transferability of shares or interests and, in basic, assistance for, or direct overall performance of, organization secretary duties for boards of directors and other corporate governing bodies.

Whenever any amendment or new by-laws are adopted, such amendment or new by-laws shall be attached to the original by-laws in the workplace of the corporation, and a copy thereof, duly certified below oath by the corporate secretary and a majority of the directors or trustees, shall be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission the exact same to be attached to the original articles of incorporation and original by-laws.