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Bail Bonds Come in Many Forms

It can be difficult to secure a bond for your release from police custody. You can either secure a bond for yourself or ask for help from a bond agent. There are many different types of bail bonds.

Cash Bond

This is a cash payment that will release you from jail. Some police departments may not accept cash. They will often take a cashier’s check or credit card as payment. If you don’t have the full amount, a bond agent can help you secure the bail.

Surety Bond

The most common type of bond is a surety bond. If you want to use this bail, you will need to contact a bond agent. The bond can be secured with 10 percent of the bond amount. The agent guarantees the rest of the bail. You must show up for the court date or run the risk of arrest.

Property Bond

Property can be used to secure your release. It is useful if you don’t have cash, but the process does take time. A court hearing must be decided before you can post property as a bond. The property value must be assessed before your release. The timeframe for release can range from a few days to a few weeks.

Federal Bail Bond

Anyone in federal custody will need to get a federal bond. A bond agent cannot help with this type of bond. All bond transactions must be cleared by the federal courts. Property or cash can be used to secure a federal bail bond.

Citation Release

The best type of bond is a citation. The process is simple for a release. The arresting officer will write a citation. You are free to leave. However, you must show up for the court date or face the possibility of a fine.

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