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A DUI Attorney May Be Needed After Holiday Office Party

A DUI Attorney May Be Needed After Holiday Office Party

Driving home from a bit of casual social drinking can turn into the nightmare of needing the services of a good DUI attorney. A couple of glasses of wine or hot toddies shared with a festive group of officemates seemed harmless enough. After all, you’re a respectable citizen, not a lush. But the police officer at the sobriety check point feels a bit differently. How much alcohol is too much?

Did you know that after just one drink, some people are already impaired? Depending on an individual’s body weight and metabolism, it certainly doesn’t take much. There are different classifications of impairment, ranging from the beginning of impairment to a mid-point of altered driving skills and finally topping out at flat out intoxication.

Some drinkers, especially those in the lighter weight ranges, can become completely intoxicated after only two drinks.

In the beginning levels of impairment, there may be a sense of euphoria and good humor with little coordination challenges. As the drinking continues, however, there will be profound errors in judgment, memory lapses, and physical slowness resulting in a lack of ability to respond rapidly, either physically or mentally. Further alcohol consumption can lead to stupor and even death.

What should you do if your friend or family member is the one drinking and plans to drive home? You owe it to them to do everything in your power to keep that from happening. It is important not to make a big shaming deal out of it, however. You can accomplish your goal with a bit of stealth. Some ideas include hiding their keys, joking in a calm non-confrontational manner about this situation and calling the taxi-cab for them yourself.

If, however, this mistake is made and you or your loved one finds themselves at a sobriety check point or being asked to take a chemical test to find out the extent of alcohol in the blood level, you will need to stay calm and cooperative. You may refuse to take the coordination tests that are administered at the check point, but then you will be arrested and made to take the chemical test. You may also refuse the chemical test, but this will end up in a loss of driving privileges and license. Know your rights and minimize the consequences of your mistake by calling a DUI attorney, as soon as possible. A knowledgeable DUI attorney will have the expertise to offer advice and navigate the complicated justice system. Don’t drink and drive but if you inadvertently pushed the limits and find yourself in this predicament, get an expert on your side right away.