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5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Dealing with a car accident can be difficult. In the aftermath of a wreck, you might make mistakes that cause problems for you later. Learning what to do after a car accident is a great way to protect your rights and remain calm after a collision. Whether you’ve just been in a car accident or you simply want to prepare for the future, keep these five steps in mind.

Remain at the Scene

Texas Transportation Code 550.022 states that all drivers must immediately stop at the scene or as close to the scene of an accident as possible. The driver must then fulfill his or her duties of care to others involved in the crash, such as checking for injuries and calling 911, before leaving. Failing to obey this law by fleeing the scene is a hit-and-run crime.

Exchange Information

Exchange names, contact information and insurance information with the other driver. If you discover the other driver does not have insurance, call the police to report the driver. You may need to hire a Dallas car wreck lawyer to help you file a claim against an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Gather Evidence

While still at the scene of the accident, gather evidence such as photographs, video footage and eyewitness accounts of what happened. Your insurance claim will gain strength the more information you can collect about the car wreck.

Do Not Admit Fault

Safeguard your rights after a car accident. When talking to police and insurance companies, do not admit fault. Be honest about what happened, but do not say you caused the wreck. This could bar you from any financial recovery.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself physically and financially. Seek immediate medical care for your injuries and keep copies of all medical bills and records. After filing a claim, do not accept a settlement until you have spoken to an attorney. Hiring an attorney after a car wreck can give you more information about your rights, as well as more power during settlement negotiations.