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3 Ways To Protect Your Bail

Being accused of a crime comes with steep consequences, one of which may be jail time while waiting for your court appearance. For misdemeanors or certain felony charges, you could have the option to stay out of jail through a bond hearing. If a bond is allowed, you can use a bonding company Yadkin NC to post the funds and be released until your court date. However, there are specific rules that accompany bail, and failing to obey them could see you back behind bars.

1. Refrain From Illegal Activity

It was an illegal activity that probably got you into trouble in the first place, and any more involvement could have the court revoking your bail. If there are certain groups of friends or family who are a bad influence and tend to create run-ins with the law, it’s best to avoid these individuals to protect your case and your freedom.

2. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Even though you may be able to handle the effects of these substances on your body, there is an increased risk of making bad choices when you are under the influence. Being out on bail is a matter of trust (on the part of the judge) and poor judgment will break that trust. Stay clean while you wait for your court appearance.

3. Stay Home

Traveling outside of town or the state is generally not allowed if you are on bond. Always talk to the bondsman before making a decision to travel, even if it is for a family funeral or work event. Constant communication can keep you from getting into a situation that has few positive outcomes, and don’t try to sneak one past the bonding company or the court.

Fully protect your bail by showing up for each and every court date. One misstep, even accidentally, can lead to your arrest and being held in jail without options until your trial.