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3 Things to Do Before You File for Divorce

Divorce is much more complicated than a breakup, and being prepared before you file for divorce can set you up for success. Here are 3 things that you should do before you file to make proceedings go as seamlessly as possible.

Hire a Good Lawyer

You may feel like you can handle things on your own, but it is essential that you hire the best divorce lawyer Mentor OH to ensure that the settlement goes quickly and smoothly. Choose someone who is dedicated to you completely and who is willing to fight for you should the need arise. Interview at least 3 attorneys before you choose the one to represent you.

Ensure That You Have Credit in Your Name

If you and your husband have joint credit cards and loans exclusively, you will need to get some credit in your name as soon as possible. It will be challenging to be on your own without any credit, and you may have trouble getting car loans and home rentals, for starters. An easy way to do this is to open a credit card in your name and begin to use it and pay the balance off each month so that you can show that you are fiscally responsible.

Work on a Post-Divorce Budget

Since you will now be on your own, it is important to understand what assets you have and what you might have to scale back on while you are no longer benefiting from dual incomes. Prepare a budget now so you are not shell-shocked once the divorce happens. This can also sometimes help during the divorce proceedings if your spouse owes you any money.

Divorce is challenging, but you can set yourself up for success if you prepare in advance. Be responsible and take the high road and
things will hopefully work in your favor.