3 Low-Cost Bar-Related Business Ideas To Try

Whether you are a former bartender wanting to take things to the next level or simply an entrepreneur who wants to try something new, opening a low-cost bar-related startup in Dallas, Texas, can be a lucrative business opportunity.

Although obtaining anĀ alcohol license Dallas TX, requires some legal formalities and licensure fees, there are many ways to keep your budget low. Plus, some bar-related businesses do not even require a license. For some ideas to inspire your creativity, check out this list.

1. MobileĀ  Bar

If you are not ready for having a physical location yet or you just want to keep things simple, starting a mobile bar can be a fun and interesting business choice. While you need to be mindful of local laws, there are numerous ways to set up a van, bus or truck to deliver drinks to people on the street or at events. For extra fun, you could try adding a karaoke service.

2. Paint and Sip Bar

For many drink enthusiasts, nursing a light buzz makes a great time for painting. If you, too, share a love of art and alcohol, then opening up a studio and obtaining the licensing to serve alcohol while hosting a paint class or event is much cheaper than traditional bar ownership.

3. Bar and Drink Review Blogger

For introverts who enjoy writing and would rather pass up on all the licensing requirements and other formalities, another way to earn money with your appreciation of adult beverages is by starting a bar and drink review blog. Every time you try a new drink concoction, use it as an opportunity to write a useful and informative blog entry for others. After gaining followers, you can start earning cash.

Starting a bar-related business can be expensive, but it does not have to be. Try one of these low-cost ideas or get creative and think of your own.