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How is Amazon Solving Murder Cases?

47-year-old Victor Collins, a dad of five, was found lying dead in a hot bath tub in 22nd of November 2015. Arkansas. Despite the fact that there was no sturdy evidence found, the man who owns the asset where the body was seen got arrested. After a few days, it emerged that the authority was searching to a close Amazon Echo in helping come up with the solution for the case.

Alexa was asked whether the device would give a soluble answer to the case held although, that is not evident to what the police were looking for. The authority had a positive feeling that the device has what they were searching for the evidence of key audio. Once the Amazon Echo was connected in, it clearly has been collecting and recording every detail regarding the incident, but the Amazon is hiding all that from the public. That is why the police have not stopped to ask whether the Amazon can still reveal the information a decision which they made in this year in March.

Despite the law enforcement sending an affidavit that could have helped reach data to solve the crime at hand, the Amazon still used its power to fight. Perception of data and business was what could only have assisted in understanding their resistance. Besides, the Echo was not created to be recording talks and actions so that Amazon might make use of to accuse some of its customers. The trust between the customers and the Amazon could only get destroyed by that instead. For that, the company had nothing left but to give away the information for the authorities to get access.

Once again, there was a similar case that happened, and the world of tech was held in the grip. The San Bernardino attack of shooting was held in the year 2015 In December. In the same year but in a different month of December, there was a shooting attacked in the San Bernardino. The FBI wanted to take a look at the iPhone of one of the attackers which they believed contained some crucial information and because of that, they ordered for a court order. Just like any other organization would do to protect its customers’ confidential data, Apple hesitated to give out that information. Apple assures its clients that their data is safe from access by the just any person and even the police. The case finally reached an end after an intruder came up with a solution to unlock the phone. Due to both scenarios, there were some crucial questions about the data confidentiality nature and the responsibilities of the firms to their clients. People are now well informed of how crucial it is not to hold some data that might solve a case.