The Closed Door on Opportunity

The United States is often called the land of opportunity, but even with the help of an immigration lawyer Columbia MD companies can recommend, there are a lot of hardships when immigrating to this country.  In addition to the political unrest that has been creating new attention on a decades-old problem, the system of existing laws creates a massive headache for anyone trying to come into this country legally. It is no surprise that there has been a massive uptick in illegal immigration during recent years. It would seem that door to opportunity barely open, if at all.

The Biggest Problem

Many people will confirm that immigration quotas are the biggest areas of contention, confusion, and criticism when it comes to allowing individuals to become a part of our society. Even though the United States is experiencing GDP growth and the economy is thriving, immigration laws have not been changed in over 30 years. More specifically, the limitations on who can enter and when are what hasn’t changed in the last three decades. Even though the birthrate for the U.S. population is the lowest it has ever been, and the country has one of the worst immigration rates from global peers with similar GDP’s, the quotas have not been updated to reflect just how much opportunity America holds. Part of the problem is the establishment of nationality-based quotas.

Discriminatory Practices

The quotas in place currently allow a certain number of individuals per country per year. However, when applicants from certain countries apply, permission may also be granted to their spouse and dependents. Rather than counting the single-family as a single entity for entry, each individual person counts against the quote. If the family is entering on a work visa, there is a further count against the quota when the family seeks permanent residency. These muddled waters make it difficult for people to know who is coming and going and for what reasons.

If the U.S. economy wants to continue to thrive, overhauling the immigration system is a step in the right direction. Bringing in more talent and new businesses offer everyone an opportunity for growth.