Shailesh Dash and Al Masah Capital Are Helping Investors Succeed Across the MENA Region

Of all the regions in the world that now regularly attract investment, that covering the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA, seems to many experts to have the most potential. Whereas investors have become comfortable with lessened expectations regarding China’s performance and even of many countries in Southeast Asia, MENA stands strong in a number of respects that suggest significant prospects for growth and appreciation.

As the founder and leader of Al Masah Capital Limited, Shailesh Dash is helping investors make the most of the opportunities to be found in this exciting part of the world. With his focus on types of investments that regularly go without attention, he is leading investors to see opportunities that might otherwise escape them.

Traditionally Overlooked Industries Now Poised to Grow Quickly

For many investors, MENA has long been synonymous with the petroleum industry and the various activities that support it. As a result, many businesses in these fields have already received a good deal of attention and no longer always represent prime investments.

On the other hand, Dash and his colleagues have consistently shown how other industries in the region are worthy of focus and investment. Some of the most important of these include:

  • Hospitality: As a region with an increasingly diversified economy, MENA is more and more a destination for business travelers and tourists. With a relatively lightly developed hospitality industry now gearing up to support this heightened level of interest, many investors hope to enjoy especially notable returns.
  • Logistics: While seaborne transport has traditionally served the MENA region well, its needs are growing at such a rate that other kinds of service will soon be needed even more pointedly. As with the hospitality industry, activity in the sphere of logistics has lately been ramping up at an impressive pace.
  • Healthcare: As in other parts of the world, modern medical advances mean that consistent growth in this industry can almost be taken for granted, as well.

Investing and Succeeding in an Especially Promising Part of the World

With opportunities like these and many more to look into, investors can reasonably hope to produce returns that would be difficult to contemplate in other places. With the help of informed professionals like Dash, success becomes even more likely.