Reaching Out for Financial Assistance after Your Arrest

After you are arrested and booked into jail, you will be given the chance to make a single phone call. Rather than call your family or a lawyer, you might instead want to call someone who can bail or bond you out of jail.

This phone call could be important if you want to get out of jail and go back home before your court date. By arranging for a cash loan, surety bond, or other types of bail bonds in Stroudsburg, PA , you can focus on your release and abiding by the terms of your bail bonds contract.

Arranging for the Best Bail Bond

The type of bail bond you apply for will depend on the charges on which you have been arrested. For example, if you are facing charges for immigration fraud, you will need an immigration bond to get out of jail. However, if you been charged with a misdemeanor like a first-time DUI, you may need a misdemeanor bond, which could cost you less money than a bond for a felony charge.

You can find out what types of bonds are available by visiting the company’s website. If you cannot check out the website because of being in jail, you can also ask about the bail bonds services when you make that first phone call to the business.

Understanding the Terms of Bail and Bond

A bail or bond is not unlike a loan that you apply for and get at a bank or credit union. You will have to sign a legally bonding contract. You also will be expected to pay back the money that is put up for your release, which is typically 10 percent of the bond established during your arraignment hearing.

If you do not make your bond payments, the bail bonds company can ask the judge to issue a warrant for your arrest. You can then go back to jail to await your court date. You also will still have to pay back in full whatever you owe to the bail bonds company.