Problems You May Encounter During Your Divorce

Divorce can be a painful process for all parties involved, but outside the main stages of paperwork, the judicial meetings, and the mediations, there can be other problems you may encounter. Sometimes spouses fight dirty battles and lie to the courts about what went on in the marriage in order to get what they want. Sometimes a spouse may hide money from the other to try and pad his or her nest egg for the future. No matter how the end of your marriage resolves itself, there are almost always unforeseen issues that need to be resolved. Here are three problems you may encounter during your divorce.

Emotional Withdrawal

Children can have a difficult time with their parent’s divorce. They can withdraw emotionally or blame their parents for the divorce. Sometimes outside counseling in needed to help ease the situation and help the child understand the dynamics of the situation, including where they stand in the family’s changing aspects.

Child Support

Someone has to pay child support, and that is often the spouse that doesn’t have physical custody of the children. Because of the many demands of modern society, including health care, dental needs, and outside activities, the amount can be beyond what your child support attorney Orlando FL expected. Sometimes it causes a long, drawn-out battle in the courts to try and lower the amount to a more comfortable cost.

Physical Custody

Both parents often feel they are the only parent that can provide what is best for their children, and that can cause a problem in court when only one person can have physical custody. When the battle rages, the judge must rule, and neither party will be satisfied.

When you and your spouse finally end your marriage, and all your unforeseen issues are solved, perhaps you can look back and be thankful for the end of a good story – and may there be no more battles on the horizon.