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Equip Yourself With Knowledge About Data Breaches

You will know the top five data breaches through this article.

1. More Than a Billion of Yahoo Accounts Were Hacked in 2013

The hack severely affected a lot of people in 2013, hacking one out of seven to eight people in this world. The hackers behind this global hacking, who were also seen the suspects from previous hacking activities before 2013, took almost everything from the users.

These hackers have access to all the important information found on the emails of the users, such as the email addresses, passwords, and birthdays.

2. The FriendFinder Site was Hacked in 2016

412 million FriendFinder users were hacked through this data breach. The users experiences such a great danger because of the hacking.

FriendFinder is known as dating website just like Penthouse.com, which you will know why it is very frustrating for the users that they have been hacked.

The hackers even came up with a published analysis of data, just like the hacking of Ashley Madison, which is also a dating website. That data have given people access to the email address of their husband or wife in order to see what they are doing.

3. Dropbox was Hacked in 2012

Hacking has been intruding lives including big companies such as Dropbox.

The hack made ma big noise especially when the hackers were asking for ransom money through Bitcoin. Even the online new website called Vocativ was offered by a user named “double flag.”

Vocativ was told by the hackers that they can access 68 million accounts from DropBox. The accounts should be an exchange with 2 Bitcoin.

If you are wondering how much 2 Bitcoin is, it is about $1,100.

4. The Hacking of Target Corporation in 2013

After December 2013, people who were doing some business with Target Corporation already had doubts.

The card payment readers of Target were accessed by these hackers, opening more than 110 million records.

Over 40 million debit card numbers and credit card numbers were opened by the hackers, which had such a great effect to the company and their clients. It was a very devastating event, making the company and customers in sorrow during the Christmas holiday.

It even continued in January 2014 wherein there were already 70 million of Target’s customers were hacked, getting their addresses, full names, and phone numbers.
After that, many people were beginning to think if DropBox really had an issue with regard to their security. They were thinking why there was a lag in disclosing the full reach of data.

5. The LinkedIn Hack in 2012

Professional life hacking and personal life hacking are just the same.

There were 165 LinkedIn accounts that were placed on hot water through this data breach. At first, it was just 6.5 million LinkedIn account which eventually grew.

There were also damages found on the passwords of the accounts. It was such a huge problem for the company and users.