Living Free of Stalking or Abuse

It may be that you refused more than one date with the strange guy, and now he won’t leave you alone. You could have lived next door to someone that wouldn’t stop calling and confessing what he was going to do with your body. There may be someone that breaks into your home while you are away and leaves pictures of you while you are in the shower. These and many other scenarios can make you feel unsafe, even while you are in the confines of your own home. To help you feel secure and protected, the judicial system has established a protective order.

Protecting You

An order of protection can be issued against anyone that commits a violent act against you, threatens to commit said act, or who becomes violent toward you or your property. It can also protect you from abusive phone calls, home invasions, and unwanted advances by unknown individuals. The judicial system will issue the order, and you will be under the court’s protection how to create a living trust in California  for up to two years.

Prohibiting Crimes

The person caught acting in an inappropriate way toward you will be remanded to the court and ordered not to go near you, phone you, contact you by email, or threaten you in any way. The accused must also leave your family, pets, and possessions alone for the duration of the protective order Fairfax. Sometimes the accused may stand across the street and watch you coming and going, even following you and waiting for you. When that happens, call the police.

The protective order demands that you have a right to feel safe from unwanted attention, abuse, or harassment in your life. To give you that feeling of security, the court can step in and order someone to stay away from you. Don’t be afraid to get help – you have rights in a world free from stalkers or abusers.