How Do I Get a Bail Bond in Washington, PA?

The criminal justice system is very busy, and there aren’t a lot of signposts explaining to those who get arrested what they should do to expedite the process of getting back to their daily lives and getting their defense on track. The first and most important step in that lengthy process is getting back out of jail, and the easiest way to do that is to understand the bail and bond system. When you do, it’s easier to use the resources that will provide your bail or bond quickly, so you can get back to your responsibilities.

Getting Bail Set

One of the first things that happens after an arrest and booking is the arraignment. Depending on the jurisdiction the arrest happens in, it could be within hours or it could be the next business day. When you are arraigned, the judge will decide what bail or bond is appropriate. Most of the time, you have a choice to pay bail or bond, but sometimes the judge will order one or the other as the only option. For very serious crimes, there’s also a chance bail will be denied.

Bond or Bail?

If the amount is low enough you can afford to pay the entirety of it, you might consider posting bail yourself. When you appear for your hearings and trial, the amount will eventually be returned. This does tie up your assets, though. Bond, as an alternative, allows you to pay a fee to have someone else post bail. The money is a cost, not a surety, so you don’t get it back, but you also don’t have to tie up resources you might need to use to pay legal representation. For bail bonds Washington PA has a few alternatives, and your best choice will be the one who can respond to you whenever you need a bond.

A Busy System

There are almost 3,000 arrests every day in Pennsylvania. Navigating the system designed for determining guilt and innocence means having the resources to meet its demands, including the money to get out of jail until your trial.

Get the help you need to navigate that system. Learn about the bond services available to you today.