How Courts Are Becoming More Tech-Savvy

Government agencies are not known for their innovative technologies or cutting-edge services and efficiencies. However, the legal system is doing a pretty impressive job with stepping into the 21st century in terms of their technological improvements. More government agencies could learn from some of the things they are doing. Here are a few examples:

Online Classes

Whereas it was once required to do court ordered classes in person, most are now offered online. You can virtually meet all the requirements for a class you’ve been ordered to attend as a result of a criminal charge from the comfort and privacy of your own home and on your own schedule (although you will probably have a deadline by which it must be complete). As long as you have the ability to pay online, you should have this as an option in your area.

Online protective orders

Recent changes have allowed several states to offer online filing for protective orders. Until recently, most people have had to go into a court or other office, navigate transportation and learn the process and procedure for filing orders of protection in person. This can be a highly stressful and scary event for a victim of domestic violence. This option creates an additional safety measure and ensures all the requirements have been met online.

Updated systems

Many police departments and court systems in numerous states have multiple, antiquated systems that do not always communicate well with one another. When researching criminal convictions and records on myriad systems, information and important data can be lost or missed. Many states have invested in updated systems that combine historic data from previous legacy systems and integrated the information into one place. This makes it far easier to find the information you need both internally and for the public.

Government agencies are doing a better job with the help of technology. Online classes, protective orders and newer software all contribute to greater efficiencies as a result.