Find The Best Provider of Physicians Disability Insurance

Insurance is a complicated field, which is why it is always best for any client to entrust his or her policy to specialized experts. When it comes to Physicians Disability Insurance, there is one clear choice. InsureSTAT is the only agency that specializes in disability insurance with a focus on resident physicians and fellows.

Resident physicians are already under a lot of pressure. Completing their training in the midst of a time crunch, while simultaneously negotiating employment contracts and frequently planning moves to new hospitals or offices, is nothing to scoff at. That’s why it only makes good sense to expect disability insurance and loan protection that meets the same high standards.

The Hospital Endorsed Experts employed by this company know and understand how much energy resident physicians have already put into their careers, and how much more will be expected of them in the future. That’s why they create plans that are specifically tailored to meet the financial and practical needs of graduating medical students. All residents and fellows who purchase insurance through the agency will be able to lock in the most efficient plans at the lowest possible price, and each individual client will receive personalized attention and a customized plan.

One of the best parts about these programs is that information is readily available online through an online quote generator. Graduating students need only head to their website and fill out some simple and straightforward forms in order to get started on the process. Young physicians can thus insure lost income and protect their debt loads. With med school debt hanging over their heads and the stress of finding employment, this kind of insurance policy can come as a huge relief. As an added bonus, clients can even avoid medical review entirely if they are engaged in the process of purchasing an income replacement policy, or if they have purchased one within the past year.

Purchasing disability insurance and student debt protection is the responsible choice. Why not buy it from a company that cares? InsureSTAT even offers discounts on medical supplies, scrubs, hospital shoes, compression socks, and more. Plus, they donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable institutions, which means that everybody wins.