Create a Better Looking Home Exterior With Quality Replacement Siding

The exterior walls of a home are some of its most visible surfaces. In many cases a person passing by the home can see three quarters of the building exterior. Unfortunately, shoddy siding can make for very poor curb appeal and leave any visitors with a bad impression of the property and its owners. Even worse, degraded or damaged siding can dramatically lower the value of the home and this could turn into a real issue if the homeowner plans on selling the property. Luckily, there are things that can be done to improve the appearance of the building such as Siding Replacement Atlanta. However, the choice of siding material is important because each option has pros and cons. For example, wood siding looks great, but the wood needs a lot of maintenance to reduce the chance of rot.

One of the best options for exterior siding is fiber cement. This material is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, cellulose and various proprietary fillers that are layered into a mold. Once the mold is filled, the siding is cured in an autoclave. The result is a dense board that is extremely resistant to many of the things that affect wood siding. For instance, fiber cement is resistant to moisture and this means that the siding does not warp, rot or otherwise decay. The density of the boards helps it protect the home from storm damages or the impact of hail. The cement used in the siding creates a termite resistant material because it makes the cellulose fiber inedible. This can be especially useful for protection against the drywood termite because they will avoid the home when they swarm.

Replacement siding comes in several styles including the simulated wood plank. Plank siding is one of the easiest to install and most repairs only require the replacement of the damaged boards. Shingle styled siding is also available for those homes that need the craftsman look. A little creative designing allows mixing the siding styles for a unique exterior appearance. Perhaps the best reason to consider fiber cement siding is that it reduces the frequency required for painting the home. Quality fiber cement siding should manage several years between paint applications.