4 Employer Difficulties With Injury Claims

If you were injured on the job, your employer should have a program established to help cover your medical expenses and accommodation for restricted duty while you heal from your injuries. When employers are less than helpful with assisting your through these areas, it is time to call a workers compensation attorney Orlando FL companies fear. With legal help, you can get the compensation you are entitled too for an accident that that occurred as a result of your job duties. The claims process can be difficult for an employer, which ultimately impacts how your claim is handled. Here are some common problems employers experience.

1. Filing Invalid Claim

Usually, your injury will have occurred while on company property or time, but some states have a more lenient statute that does not require the claim to be primarily related to your employment situation. This can create a headache for both the injured party and the employer.

2. Late or Improper Reporting

It is extremely important that you notify your supervisor as soon as an incident occurs. If there is a delay in filing a claim, the employer’s insurance company may deny coverage. Completing all the paperwork and providing all of the documentation necessary to your employer also helps them meet filing requirements.

3. Lack of Follow Up

Even though it is the company’s responsibility to make sure your claim is processed, they need to know where you stand as far as recuperation and a potential return to work date. Proactively address these areas with your employer to ensure the insurance company has the information they need for processing the claim.

4. Failure to Return to Work

If you are not able to return to your former duties, your employer needs to provide an alternative employment position until you have fully recovered. This can increase their claims costs from the insurance company, but it can also seriously delay the claim payout.

If you are facing a problem with a workers compensation claim, an attorney can help sort through the areas of concern and provide assistance through the legal system. Take control of the situation and seek resolution for your injury.