3 Things to Understand About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds can be a confusing thing, especially if you or a family member has never been arrested before. You’re likely wondering what’s involved in the bail bond process, how the bail price is determined, and what exactly it means for you in court. Understanding these things can help speed the stressful process of your arrest up and get your life back on track.

Finding a Bail Bonds Company

You may consider hiring a company that can handle your bail bond directly. Bail bonds companies come with experience and knowledge on posting bails and are specifically designed to help you get funds to post a bail. If you’re looking for one, try googling a company in your area (e.g. bail bond agent washington county pa) or asking around for referrals.

The Purpose of a Bail Bond

A bail bond is an amount of money set by a judge that you can pay to be released from jail. This money is the court’s insurance that you will return on time for your assigned court date, and it will be returned to you once you show up. This allows you to get out of jail while promising the court you’ll be returning to face the consequences of your actions.

The Amount for Bail

In ensuring that all crimes of equal measure are treated on the same playing field, the most common crimes have set amounts that are always used at the price for bail. If you’ve been arrested for a usual crime, the price you pay is already likely determined. For more serious crimes, a judge may determine a special amount relative the severity of the crime.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and you’re scrambling to find the funds to get them out on bail, don’t hesitate to contact a bail bonds company for consultation. They can help you better understand the situation and walk you through the proper steps to freedom.