Why Should There be a Law

  1. Why Should There be a Law?
    Law is a tool to limit human behavior in general whose purpose is to create a peaceful and peaceful society. Law regulates various community activities, ranging from socializing, politics, trying, competing.
  2. Where There Is No Law
    Example: if the thief has no legal sanction, can we sleep well at night? If on the highway there is no legal signs, imagine the traffic jam.
  3. The rise of the Law. The law, also known as the rule, is created because of the existence of society, so that where there is society then there will also be created the law, either intentionally or unintentionally, either in writing or unwritten. There is no civilized society and country that does not require the law
  4. What is the Importance of the Law? The importance of the law for the life of a nation and a state is to organize all its people or society, in the presence of the law we can be bound and do not act arbitrarily and with the existence of exact law evil does not rampant in society. Law is important but more important is its law enforcers.
  5. What is the Legal Purpose? The purpose of the law is to regulate the people not to commit violations and criminal acts in order to create peace and prosperity of the people. In this world there are many humans, the more human more and more different desires and attributes. The existence of the law is to regulate the relationships between people and limit and prevent excessive actions that can be done by humans. It’s to manage this life let me not mess. Because if there is no law then people will do as they please. Examples of taking other people’s goods at will, killing, taking the honor of others.
  6. Legal Purposes According to Flow and Law in Law. Ethical flow assumes the purpose of law is essentially to achieve justice. The ethical school therefore assumes that the law is determined by the belief in something just or unjust. Utilistic flow, which considers the purpose of the law is merely to realize the greatest benefit and happiness for the majority of mankind. The Dogmatic Juridical School which assumes that the purpose of the law is merely to bring about legal certainty. This Dogmatic Juridical School considers that the law which has been contained in the formulation of legislation is something that has the certainty to be realized. Legal certainty is an absolute thing for every rule and therefore legal certainty is itself a legal objective.
  7. Legal Functions by Experts
    The legal function according to Prof. Dr. Soerjono Soekanto, as a tool to implement order and tranquility in social life; As a means to realize social justice, both born and inner and as a means to mobilize development for society. The legal function according to Prof. Dr. Sunaryati Hartono: As a means to maintain order and security in society; As a means to carry out development; As a means to uphold justice and as a means to educate (educate) the community. “