What’s with the Law in Indonesia?

The current condition of Indonesian law enforcement in the eyes of the people is facing pessimism or no more confidence. This further encourages apathy toward law enforcement. On the one hand, Indonesia is a country based on the law, but on the other hand impressed the existing law with the money paid.

Law enforcement is actually an attempt to run the norms of law can be made a real solution in the life of society, nation and state.

The most important factor in law enforcement efforts is the enforcement of law enforcement officials in carrying out their trust fund duties. Of course because law enforcement officers are subject and object of law. Apart from being an apparatus that serves to provide and peace and sense of justice in society he is also as ordinary people who can not be separated from the reach of law. Therefore, the good and bad law enforcement that occurs in the midst of society depends on the honesty and dignity of the law enforcement officers in carrying out their duties

Today’s law enforcement that we can say is still far from a sense of justice. In its efforts, law enforcement should have a conscience and a commitment to fair action. But what is happening in the real world, the judges who are experts on the articles of the Criminal Code or Criminal Procedure know the right article which is ready to be used to win the bribing party. Just choose to win which party between the parties to the conflict. Nowadays there are many examples that some politicians are more obedient to party orders; Lawyers are more obedient to the orders of clients who pay for them; The prosecutor, the judge is superior to the bribe’s orders.

On the other hand, law enforcement should indeed involve the role of the community. However, is it true that the government can with drinking water and society does not have to raise public awareness of the law? Public awareness of the law is very important, even I am experiencing its development from year to year. At least, people now understand what is right and what is wrong with an event that is happening.

Events after the events in Indonesia today, a little more have opened our insight as ordinary people and later can give their own assessment of the incident. Example remember the case of grandmother asyani woodcutters in East Java situbondo area, he only cut down some trees only with the existing considerations, during the end of the trial 15 months, Article 12 reads every person who likes to load, unload, remove, transport, master, And / or have logging results in a forest area without a license. The violation of the article is at least 1 year criminal or 500 million penalty as stated in Article 83 paragraph 1a of the Law of 2013 on the prevention of eradication of forest destruction. Like this in the endless review by the lawyer, the case of people who like a religious grandmother in peeled out, congratulations grandma cried hysterically crying or forgiveness in court when he was in verdict. How miserable so people in the lower circles who violate the law in Indonesia.
After that, we moved to a forest fire case in Sumatra, a law-free Sumatran judge for PT.  Sriwijaya of the same deed, the judge summons saying “it’s okay, because it can be re-planted” it’s the words that do not come in. The reason why in article 12d is not written the word “burn”, so the judge of PT. Sriwijaya free-cell, obviously it is about the prevention of eradication of forest destruction, burned is clearly damaged.

Is it true that law enforcement officers are honest, authoritative and responsible in carrying out their duties? During this time there are still many attitudes of law enforcement officers who are not honest who are trapped in practices that are against the law, even easily can be known by the public.