The purpose of the establishment of law within a country

The purpose of the law is to create an orderly order of society, creating order and balance with the achievement of order in society, it is expected that human interests will be protected in achieving its objectives, the law serves to divide the rights and obligations between individuals in society, divide authority and regulate the way of legal issues and legal certainty.

Meanwhile, according to the 1945 Constitution, the purpose of law is the same as the purpose of the state, namely to build a nation which includes the nation and the whole of Indonesia’s blood spill, and to fulfill the general welfare, to improve the life of the Indonesian nation and to participate in the implementation of world order based on independence, eternal peace, and social justice.
In general the legal objectives are formulated as follows:
a. To organize the public order peacefully and fairly.
b. To safeguard the interests of every human being so that interests can not be disturbed.
c. To ensure legal certainty in human relationships.

In addition to legal objectives, the function of law in human life continues to grow in line with the development of society where law is located. However, in general the function of law can be seen as a means of social control is the function of law that runs the task to maintain order or existing life patterns.

Legal purpose according to experts:

Prof. Lj. Van Apeldorn: The purpose of the law is to regulate the order in society peacefully and fairly. For the sake of achieving peace of law must be created a just society by making a balance between conflicting interests with each other, and everyone must obtain (wherever possible) what is his due.
B. Aristotle: The goal of law requires justice and the content of the law is determined by the ethical consciousness of what is said to be just and unjust.
C. Prof. Soebekti: The purpose of the law is to serve the will of the state that is bringing prosperity and happiness to the people. In serving the purpose of the state, the law will provide justice and order for its people.
D.Prof. J Van Kan: The purpose of the law is to safeguard the interests of every human so that his interests can not be disturbed. With this purpose, it will be prevented the occurrence of vigilante behavior against others, because the action was prevented by law.