Civil law

In Indonesia has laws to regulate the behavior of citizens in Indonesia, including criminal law, civil law, state law, and religious law. Here will explain the civil law. Here all must have heard or seen about civil law, because some cases in Indonesia are categorized into civil law.
The term civil law was first introduced by prof. Djojodiguno during the Japanese occupation. Besides the term, the synonyms of civil law are civielrecht and privatrecht.

Understanding of Civil Law

Civil law is a law or provision that regulates obligations, rights, and interests between individuals in a society that is private (closed). Civil law is commonly referred to as private law. Its civil law functions to handle cases that are private or private. Such as inheritance law, divorce law, defamation law and law of engagement. Civil law has a purpose to resolve conflicts or problems between both parties. Civil law occurs when a person obtains a private case (closed in. Civil law occurs when a party reports a related party to the authorities in a case involving only the two individuals

Legal Resources

Basically the source of law can be divided into 2 kinds:
1. The material legal source
The source of material law is the place from which the legal material was taken. For example social relations, political power, scientific research results, international developments, and Geographical state.
2. Formal law sources
The source of formal law is a place of obtaining legal power. This relates to the form or manner in which the formal law rules apply.

Volamar divides the source of civil law into 4 kinds . That is civil Civil Code, tractate, yaurisprudence, and customs. Of the four sources are subdivided into two kinds, namely the source of civil law written and unwritten. What is meant by the source of civil law written that is where the discovery of the rules of civil law derived from written sources. Generally written rules of civil law are contained in legislation, treaties and jurisprudence. The source of unwritten civil law is where the discovery of civil law rules derived from unwritten sources. As is found in customary law.

Examples of civil law

Examples of Civil Law Inheritance
2. Example of Civil Law Divorce
3. Examples of Defamation Cases